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Why Get Hair Extensions?

Unlike some hair additions, hair extensions aren’t meant to cover thin spots on your scalp. Instead, they make your hair look longer than it actually is. They are usually used to give you dramatically long hair without the need to wait for it to grow or keep it from breaking off. This makes them great for fast style changes when your natural hair is short or brittle.

Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, so they don’t make your scalp hot like a wig would. They can also look far more natural than a wig, though some prefer to go for the opposite effect and use highly-contrasting ones to create very dramatic looks.

Many patrons prefer hand tied extensions for their superior quality and appearance. These have thinner wefts than those tied by machine, and this allows their connections to be nearly invisible. This is key to making “your” long hair look genuine. It also allows the hair to move more naturally, which is important since you’ll want to move your head around and enjoy how the hair responds.

It is important to note that not everyone should get hand tied extensions. Those with very fine natural hair can suffer more breakage than with other types. Therefore, machine-tied versions are preferred for these patrons. Also, hand-tied extensions often need to be placed at least 1.5 inches from the scalp. Those with shorter hair will need to either grow theirs out for at least a while, or choose another enhancement method.

Because of these variables, a good salon will want you to have a consultation before getting hair extensions. This will ensure that you get the best enhancement for your hair type.