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Do Hair Treatments Have to be Harsh?

It used to be that getting services like hair coloring meant enduring harsh products that dried up your hair, burned your scalp, and could even burn hair off at or near the roots. For a long time, there was no other option besides not coloring, perming, or straightening your hair. Now, however, there are other choices for hair treatments.

A natural hair salon near me uses the Kevin Murphy line of colorants and other products. These options are far less harsh on your hair and scalp, so you don’t need to worry about all of the bad effects that would come from the older, harsher versions. Kevin Murphy products don’t use ammonia or PPD for processing, yet produce lasting color. This makes them far easier to tolerate and less likely to produce rashes or other unwanted after-effects.

One thing you should keep in mind is that milder products like these hair treatments don’t work well on dirty hair. Therefore, the old practice of getting coloring services prior to hair washing is not good for them. Instead, you should be sure to give your hair a good shampoo before you come to the salon. Wash gently, with the tips of your fingers instead of your nails, but make sure to do it long enough to remove all sweat, old hair care products, and other materials from the hair.

With that done, your hair will be ready to accept the mild products used at a natural hair salon near me. You can then be sure that the color or other effects will be both effective and even. Thanks to the advances in hair treatment technology, you can also be sure that the look will last for a long time.