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Are Mens Haircuts That Much Different from Women’s?

Many people still think of mens haircuts as fairly basic, while also imagining the women’s versions as being quite complex. While there are some styles that hold to this old rule, there are also many that do not. Men with bouffants, women with hair that has been cut uniformly short, and all sorts of in-between variants now abound.

Because of this, it is far more common for hairdressers near me to provide both women’s and men’s haircuts in the same salon than it is for there to be gender-specific services. Even so, a men’s haircut will typically be distinguishable in a variety of ways.

Many haircuts for men leave the hair shorter at the sides than the top or are relatively even all around. Meanwhile, ones for women are typically longer, especially in the back, and accentuate any natural waves or curls. Because of basic differences like this, most cuts can easily be categorized by gender. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule; haircuts that are the same length all over are popular with both men and women.

Other than these differences, the basic principles behind cutting hair are now pretty much the same no matter who is getting the cut. Hairdressers near me need to know how to cut hair so that it layers nicely, work with hair that has been dyed or had its texture chemically changed, and ensure that no split ends are present when the cutting is done. They must also style any type of hair that doesn’t naturally fall into place when combed.

The next time you get your hair done, pay attention to how the cutting is done. You’ll soon see why hairdressers now do all sorts of cuts.