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What is a Microtrim?

Recently, a new kind of service has come to a hair salon near me: the microtrim. Also known as a “dusting,” it involves taking off a very little amount of hair. In fact, some say that the amount of hair trimmed shouldn’t even be enough to make someone sweep the floor afterward. What, then, is the point?

As the lack of floor cuttings should suggest, the point isn’t to shorten the hair. Instead, it’s to get rid of damage such as frayed shreds of hair that stick out of the strands. Your hair is put into bunches, which are then twisted enough to expose this fraying. Then, just the frayed parts are meticulously cut off. This creates smooth strands and a well-groomed look without actually changing the visible length of your hair.

The microtrim process is very time-consuming, and it takes even longer if your hair is in bad shape. Therefore, it should be done frequently so that your hair never has a chance to develop too much fraying.

People who prefer getting a microtrim from a hair salon near me are seeking to maintain their current look while avoiding the split ends and frizzy look that often comes from letting hair get “too long.” In fact, it is often the choice of those who want to grow their hair even longer.

Another reason to get a microtrim is to help preserve hair coloring, especially if that coloring is in the ombre pattern. The looks of the hair are refreshed, but the gradient is preserved since the ends aren’t cut short.

To try a microtrim, call your favorite salon and see if they offer it. If they don’t, you may need to look around a bit. However, it is popular enough that you should be able to find a qualified provider.