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Hair Stylist

Get Glamorous Results at the Hair Stylist

Every town has a variety of hair stylist shops, but in most places, you’ll notice that the people have fairly mundane tresses. This is because they are willing to accept beauty salon services that provide the basics in an “adequate” rather than outstanding way. If you don’t find this to be thrilling, you need to look for an establishment that goes beyond the mere provision of “serviceable” results.

One hair stylist near me is sure to provide outstanding results, and this business is always full of people getting their hair done for special events. Some are regular customers, too, and they always have beautiful hair. What makes this company different from the others?

The list of services will immediately let you know that it is not a basic “fast haircut” establishment. It offers specialized hair treatments, ranging from moisture improvement to anti-aging. These all come with a deep maxi wash shampoo and scalp massage, too. The availability of options like this let you know that it is a higher-end establishment dedicated to the comfort of its patrons and providing a luxurious experience – not just to trying to see how many heads of hair they can process every hour.

This hair stylist near me doesn’t limit itself entirely to head hair, either. You can get your brows waxed or even have them tinted. Eyebrow tinting can hide grays or help the brows match your dyed hair.

When it comes to head hair, you can be sure that all of the standard services are offered. Cuts, coloring, and styling fall into this category. However, the shop doesn’t stop here. The hair stylist will also put in extensions, allowing you to get the looks of long, flowing hair without the need to grow out your own for years.

Like many salons, this hair stylist offers home care products that you can’t get in any standard retail store. Kevin Murphy products rule the shelves at this location, and they make it easier to keep your hair in great shape in between visits.

One service that many salons don’t offer, but that you can find at this hair stylist near me, is the wedding makeover. It includes a makeup job as well as a fancy hairstyle.

Whether you want to look great for a wedding or for your everyday life, give PaTina Hair Studio a try.

Hair Specialist

Rise Above the Rest with the Services of a Top-Tier Hair Specialist

While many salons offer womens haircuts, most of them aren’t as great at styling as they could be. One of the reasons for this is that they focus on the cutting part, and don’t pay enough attention to things like styling, coloring, and hair treatments. The other is that they focus on speed. When combined, these two factors lead to cuts that are quite mundane, albeit inexpensive. “Inexpensive” may be okay if you are only concerned about not looking like a bum, but what happens if you want to look outstanding?

When you want to look your best, it’s worth it to invest in the services of a hair specialist. This person doesn’t just try to pump out as many womens haircuts per hour as is humanly possible. Instead, time is taken to work out which style will look best, discuss and perform any additional services like coloring, add hair treatments to bring out the best shine, and more. Yes, it’s true that when all of these services are added up, they will cost more than getting a quick cut at a mass market outlet – but you are worth it!

A fine beauty salon won’t stop with the services of a hair specialist, either. You can also get your face done so your beauty truly shines out. Add a brow waxing for a well-groomed look, or have your brows tinted to match them with your newly-colored hair. Get professional makeup application to complete the look.

While makeup only lasts about a day, your great new hairstyle should last for weeks. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re presenting a stunning look long after you’ve left the salon. Once people see you, they won’t have any doubts about why it’s better to go to a great hair specialist instead of a fast-cuts type of establishment. Instead, they will all wonder who your stylist is. You can keep the name of PaTina Hair Studio to yourself, or be generous and tell it to a selected few.

Hair Extensions

Why Get Hair Extensions?

Unlike some hair additions, hair extensions aren’t meant to cover thin spots on your scalp. Instead, they make your hair look longer than it actually is. They are usually used to give you dramatically long hair without the need to wait for it to grow or keep it from breaking off. This makes them great for fast style changes when your natural hair is short or brittle.

Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, so they don’t make your scalp hot like a wig would. They can also look far more natural than a wig, though some prefer to go for the opposite effect and use highly-contrasting ones to create very dramatic looks.

Many patrons prefer hand tied extensions for their superior quality and appearance. These have thinner wefts than those tied by machine, and this allows their connections to be nearly invisible. This is key to making “your” long hair look genuine. It also allows the hair to move more naturally, which is important since you’ll want to move your head around and enjoy how the hair responds.

It is important to note that not everyone should get hand tied extensions. Those with very fine natural hair can suffer more breakage than with other types. Therefore, machine-tied versions are preferred for these patrons. Also, hand-tied extensions often need to be placed at least 1.5 inches from the scalp. Those with shorter hair will need to either grow theirs out for at least a while, or choose another enhancement method.

Because of these variables, a good salon will want you to have a consultation before getting hair extensions. This will ensure that you get the best enhancement for your hair type.

Wedding Day Stylist

Let a Weddings Hair Stylist Make You Look Your Best

As you know, a wedding isn’t just about tying the knot with your significant other. It is also a time for a huge array of surrounding preparations, some of which involve you personally. Getting your gown fitted is just one of these personal preparations. You should also make sure the rest of you looks great – including your hair and face.

A wedding day stylist knows that this is a time when you’ll want to go all the way with your style. This stylist is able to create designs like those you’d expect to see in a movie or in a real-life lavish setting. Such styles often include more than just your hair. Ornaments can be woven into the style, extensions can be added to make your hair long and flowing, and more.

Of course, looking your best requires more than even the upgraded services of a wedding day stylist. You also need a professional makeup application to bring out the great looks that are worthy of the pictures that’ll be taken. Remember, you could be looking at these pictures 50 years from now. You won’t want to groan when you see them and wish you’d taken the makeup service! Instead, you’ll surely want to think of how beautiful you looked on your special day.

As with your other wedding services, you should book your appointment with your wedding hair stylist long before the actual time you’ll need the service. This will ensure that you can get in when you need to. Your actual appointment should be the day before, or even the day of, the wedding. This will ensure that you still look fresh on the day that everyone will see you (and your pictures will be taken). Going too far in advance will give the makeup a chance to wear off, so avoid the temptation to come in a week early.

Having a great hair stylist and makeup person get you ready before your wedding is the secret to getting those great, Hollywood-style pictures that people love to show off. The right beautician can make you look glamorous, and not only that, get it to come across like that’s how you look every day. Since physical makeup and hairstyling is used instead of digital enhancement, these great effects will even hold up under the scrutiny of close-up shots.

Now you know one of the biggest secrets to those weddings where the brides look very beautiful even if their day-to-day appearances are far more down-to-earth. Make an appointment with your stylist today and schedule it for right before your wedding. Soon, you’ll have a glamorous look of your own.

Hair Treatments

Do Hair Treatments Have to be Harsh?

It used to be that getting services like hair coloring meant enduring harsh products that dried up your hair, burned your scalp, and could even burn hair off at or near the roots. For a long time, there was no other option besides not coloring, perming, or straightening your hair. Now, however, there are other choices for hair treatments.

A natural hair salon near me uses the Kevin Murphy line of colorants and other products. These options are far less harsh on your hair and scalp, so you don’t need to worry about all of the bad effects that would come from the older, harsher versions. Kevin Murphy products don’t use ammonia or PPD for processing, yet produce lasting color. This makes them far easier to tolerate and less likely to produce rashes or other unwanted after-effects.

One thing you should keep in mind is that milder products like these hair treatments don’t work well on dirty hair. Therefore, the old practice of getting coloring services prior to hair washing is not good for them. Instead, you should be sure to give your hair a good shampoo before you come to the salon. Wash gently, with the tips of your fingers instead of your nails, but make sure to do it long enough to remove all sweat, old hair care products, and other materials from the hair.

With that done, your hair will be ready to accept the mild products used at a natural hair salon near me. You can then be sure that the color or other effects will be both effective and even. Thanks to the advances in hair treatment technology, you can also be sure that the look will last for a long time.

Best Salons Near Me

What Sets the Best Salons Near Me Apart?

There are several things that set the best salons near me apart from the rest. To start with, they offer more services, have more advanced products, and don’t rush through their jobs. Of course, they also produce better results.

The services offered may not seem like a key factor, but if you’re looking for something besides basic haircuts and styles, it quickly becomes one. The best salons will also offer related services, ranging from hair moisturizing treatments to facial waxing. This allows you to get pretty much any salon-based beauty treatment that you want.

These salons also have advanced products from manufacturers like Kevin Murphy. Such products are easier on the hair and scalp, yet provide long-lasting and great-looking results. The Kevin Murphy company is especially well-known for its hair coloring line, but this isn’t all it makes.

Another key factor is the lack of undue rush. Salons that don’t charge very much try to make up for it in volume, sometimes cutting four or more customers’ hair every hour. This sort of “factory production” leads to basic haircuts that are serviceable, but are in no way spectacular. While no salon will take more time than needed, the best salons near me realize that “time needed” includes the time required to make a cut and style look great – not just okay.

Finally, the results of the best salons will make customers and their friends stop and say “wow.” Whether this involves hair styling and chemical treatments, facial waxing, or a combination, you’ll come out looking stunning. This is the true key to the difference between the best and everyone else. A salon that can deliver this effect is definitely the one to keep.

Hair Color Specialist

What to Look for in a Hair Color Specialist

Hair coloring is offered at every beauty salon, and most stylists can indeed change the color of your hair without actually messing it up. However, a proper hair color specialist can do much more than this. For example, a hair stylist near me can add beautiful highlights that almost glow in the sun, put in dramatic streaks, and do other effects that generic stylists cannot.

A hair color specialist doesn’t just create effects, though. She can also consult with clients to help determine which color will look best on them. If a client is new to having hair coloring done, or is dissatisfied with another stylist’s results, this consultation is a great service. It helps clients avoid making mistakes that will take months to grow out, and at the same time, help to ensure that the results will be as stunning as the clients are envisioning.

You’ll also find options at a hair stylist near me that a generic salon doesn’t offer. Many salons still use the old-fashioned, harsh dyes and developers that were invented in decades past. A great colorist, on the other hand, knows that today’s clients prefer products that are free of chemicals like ammonia or ppd. Therefore, she uses brands that are more natural and easier on the scalp and hair. This helps to prevent allergic reactions like rashes, eliminates scalp burns, and gives peace of mind that there will not be other adverse effects later on.

To get your hair done by a hair color specialist, look for a salon with offerings that go beyond the average. In Jackson, MS, try PaTina Hair Studio. It is home to three great stylists who use all of the latest methods.


What is a Microtrim?

Recently, a new kind of service has come to a hair salon near me: the microtrim. Also known as a “dusting,” it involves taking off a very little amount of hair. In fact, some say that the amount of hair trimmed shouldn’t even be enough to make someone sweep the floor afterward. What, then, is the point?

As the lack of floor cuttings should suggest, the point isn’t to shorten the hair. Instead, it’s to get rid of damage such as frayed shreds of hair that stick out of the strands. Your hair is put into bunches, which are then twisted enough to expose this fraying. Then, just the frayed parts are meticulously cut off. This creates smooth strands and a well-groomed look without actually changing the visible length of your hair.

The microtrim process is very time-consuming, and it takes even longer if your hair is in bad shape. Therefore, it should be done frequently so that your hair never has a chance to develop too much fraying.

People who prefer getting a microtrim from a hair salon near me are seeking to maintain their current look while avoiding the split ends and frizzy look that often comes from letting hair get “too long.” In fact, it is often the choice of those who want to grow their hair even longer.

Another reason to get a microtrim is to help preserve hair coloring, especially if that coloring is in the ombre pattern. The looks of the hair are refreshed, but the gradient is preserved since the ends aren’t cut short.

To try a microtrim, call your favorite salon and see if they offer it. If they don’t, you may need to look around a bit. However, it is popular enough that you should be able to find a qualified provider.

Mens Haircuts

Are Mens Haircuts That Much Different from Women’s?

Many people still think of mens haircuts as fairly basic, while also imagining the women’s versions as being quite complex. While there are some styles that hold to this old rule, there are also many that do not. Men with bouffants, women with hair that has been cut uniformly short, and all sorts of in-between variants now abound.

Because of this, it is far more common for hairdressers near me to provide both women’s and men’s haircuts in the same salon than it is for there to be gender-specific services. Even so, a men’s haircut will typically be distinguishable in a variety of ways.

Many haircuts for men leave the hair shorter at the sides than the top or are relatively even all around. Meanwhile, ones for women are typically longer, especially in the back, and accentuate any natural waves or curls. Because of basic differences like this, most cuts can easily be categorized by gender. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule; haircuts that are the same length all over are popular with both men and women.

Other than these differences, the basic principles behind cutting hair are now pretty much the same no matter who is getting the cut. Hairdressers near me need to know how to cut hair so that it layers nicely, work with hair that has been dyed or had its texture chemically changed, and ensure that no split ends are present when the cutting is done. They must also style any type of hair that doesn’t naturally fall into place when combed.

The next time you get your hair done, pay attention to how the cutting is done. You’ll soon see why hairdressers now do all sorts of cuts.

Brides and BABE hair extensions

Brides and BABE hair extensions

We ran across this article from BABE and thought we should share it!


The I do and the Hairdo
Written by: Justin Trombetti

Every bride wants a timeless and unique wedding which is why countless hours are spent on every detail. The exciting part for every bride—besides the rock—is her look. Which brings us to the main topic of discussion: the hair. As a bride, deciding what kind of hairstyle would go best with the dress can be as difficult as the choosing the tastiest cake. After all, it’s the small details that make the difference and just as no look is complete without accessories, your hair is the most important accessory of them all.
Regardless of the style of dress you’ve chosen, hair extensions and brides go together like peas and carrots. How so? Well, it’s true that most get hair extensions for length, but if you’re not a fan of long locks, you will be a fan of the volume hair extensions provide. You know that chignon you’ve been thinking about? With hair extensions you can easily enhance the thickness and texture of this elegant hairstyle. Get more creative by adding extra height and a few sweeping pieces in the front to frame your face. Babe’s hair extensions are available in 14 to 22 inches (depending on the method). So if you’re looking for texture and volume without the length, we’ve got your solution!
Being hair extension stylists, of course we love length. Be it beachy waves, straight locks, or bouncy curls, there’s no limit to your hairstyle choices with long, thick hair. For the classic bride, you can choose the side-swept waves just by adding length. Long, beachy waves are perfect for a beach wedding. Long fishtail braids are more popular than ever this season and would go perfectly with an outdoor country wedding. The best part of all—since braids tend to stay in place, you don’t have to worry about bringing a bottle of hairspray to touch-up after getting down on the dance floor!
You can never go wrong with the right hair extensions. If you’re a soon-to-be bride with a hair extension question please feel free to ask!