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Does dirty hair REALLY style better?

Does dirty hair REALLY style better?

You have a special event. You have the perfect outfit, nails are done, makeup planned but what are you gonna do about that hair? We have all been told that dirty hair styles better but is that really true? Probably not for most textures! Too much product or too much natural oil from the scalp can really prevent you from having the style you are hoping for.

Planning ahead can really save you some hair frustration!

Make your styling reservation as far in advance as you can to get the most ideal time to fit your schedule on the day of the event. Advance scheduling also allows time for a trial run, corrective color, root touch up or a haircuts if your stylist should find it necessary.
Shampoo and condition your hair the night before. Feel free to add some heat protection but keep the amount to a minimum and avoid using other styling products. Blow drying and round brushing are fine but under no circumstance can a flat iron be used! Once hair has been flat ironed it will need to be rewashed to do anything else. Remember to wear a loose fitting button up shirt as to not destroy your finished style when dressing. Then just relax and let your stylist work their magic!

How do I blow dry all this hair?

How do I blow dry all this hair?

You may have never been told but there is a proper way to blow dry if you want less frizz. It’s all about smoothing the hair shaft. The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle. Under a microscope it can resemble fish scales. When those “scales” are properly laid down the hair is smoother to the touch and appears to have more shine. Your blow dry technique can drastically help you achieve smoother hair by properly laying the cuticle layer down.

After using a quality wash, rinse and heat protector you are ready to blow dry. Before you begin, put the concentrator on the dryer. They vary in size with each manufacturer but all do exactly what they were designed to do; concentrate the air flow. When using a concentrator, you want to blow down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends. By forcing the air to flow down the hair shaft, the cuticle layers start to lay down. This will give you the smoothest result. Continue around the head using your hands to get the hair about 80% dry before using additional tools such as round or vent brushes to further smooth the hair and add soft movement or “body”.
If you still have questions, we offer free consultations for all services we perform. Reservations available online at patinahairstudio.com or by calling 769-572-7516.

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Am I going bald??

Am I going bald??

Omg! Am I going bald??

Hair is everywhere. It’s in the shower. It’s on the bathroom floor. The hair brush is covered with full length hair strands! OMG! Is this normal?? Am I going bald?? Help! Many things can influence shedding including stress, medication, heredity, environment, poor nutrition and over styling. Some shedding is completely normal. It is called the telogen/exogen phase, the final phase of the hair’s life cycle. The average head has approximately 150,000 hairs and you can lose 50-150 strands a day! If you brush or wash daily you may not notice the shedding unless it becomes excessive. For some one who washes and styles once or twice a week you can expect to see much more hair in the shower and the hair brush. Look at your shedding objectively and decide if it is within normal limits. Remember to talk with your stylist about using professional products that keep both the hair and scalp in optimal condition without over styling. Drug store brands sometimes contain coatings and perfumes that can be counterproductive to your hair and scalp health. Good nutrition also helps produce healthy hair. So relax, eat well, take good care of your hair and it should be fine. At any point you are concerned about the amount of hair you are shedding consult a medical professional. #hairloss #shedding #balding #scalpcare #thinninghair

I can never style my hair like you do!

I can never style my hair like you do!

We hear this every day! Styling your own hair with those loose beachy waves isn’t as hard as you may think! Let’s look at how you can recreate that salon look on your own with minimal effort.
First, use quality shampoo and conditioners for your texture so that you start with a clean canvas. Prepare the hair with desired styling products such as texturizing creams and thickeners but don’t forget to apply your heat protection in addition to your styling aid. Heat protection is so important before blow drying and using hot tools. Using a quality heat protector with help preserve the integrity of your hair.

After you have completed your blow dry, section the dry hair into small manageable sections using clips for control. Using a 1 or 1.25 inch curling iron is ideal. The shorter the hair, the smaller the iron. Starting at the face, take vertical sections, inserting the iron vertically at the mid shaft, curling back and away from the face. Continue onto the next by curling in the opposite direction but still inserting the iron vertically at mid shaft. Repeat these steps through each section. It does not have to be perfect! Allow the hair to briefly cool so that the waves are set, run your hands through, apply texturizing hair spray and you’re done!
It’s really that easy!

But if you have questions, we always offer free consultations and occasionally offer styling classes. Consultations available at patinhairstudio.com or by calling us at 769-572-7516.
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How hot is TOO hot??

How hot is TOO hot??

How hot should you use your tools??

There are many factors to consider but it ultimately comes down to hair texture and condition. Dryer speed, brushes and hot tools can all help add shine to the finished style. Heat protection is always necessary to prevent damage to the hair shaft.

Fine hair (smallest in diameter) doesn’t require much heat to manipulate. When using a hot tool such as a curing iron, wand or flat iron, you can safely set the temperature to 300 – 325 degrees. A hair dryer can also be used on a lower heat setting. It ’s not how hot the dryer gets but rather how fast the dryer blows that makes the difference! Always use the concentration nozzle that comes with your dryer to force the air flow down the hair shaft for the smoothest finish.

Medium or “normal” hair can stand a bit more heat. Hot tools can be used at temperatures of 325 – 375. Dryers should also be used on medium heat. It may take a little longer but you won’t run the risk of having heat damage if you take it slow.

Coarse hair will require more heat to dry and style. Hot tools can be used anywhere from 400 to 450 degrees depending on how coarse the hair shaft is. The dryer will likely need to be on high heat and the fastest setting to dry the hair with any smoothness. A brush will be needed as well to smooth the cuticle down as much as possible which will also help with shine.

If you are unsure of your texture, use lower heat settings and work your way up if needed. Seek the advice of your professional stylist or make a reservation for a free consultation with any of our talented team at patinahairstudio.com

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Sorry! My hair is SO dirty!

Sorry! My hair is SO dirty!

You’ve heard it said before ~ coloring dirty hair is the way to go. Can that really be true?

Not exactly! That may true of older, less expensive color lines that still use harsh ingredients such ammonia and PPD (even “naturally derived” ingredients) which are very irritating to the scalp and drying to the hair. With prolonged use a PPD sensitivity can develop sometimes leaving tiny pimple like blisters on the scalp.

If the salon you are visiting still uses one of those older and less expensive color lines, you may want to continue going to the salon with dirty hair! By doing so, you may be at risk for the color oxidizing darker than desired as the color and salts in your sweat react.

More technologically advanced, high end, boutique and luxury brands will not penetrate through the oil, sweat and dirt to deposit the color molecules since many of them also contain conditioning ingredients to process as gently as possible.

Modern color lines (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME for example) with the newest technology simply don’t need ammonia or PPD to process or prevent fading. Dirty hair is NOT the ideal canvas for these types of color lines! The best canvas for your desired coloring service is clean, dry hair free of styling products.

So the next time you are ready for a color service, consider the color line your stylist uses before you show up with dirty hair!

Still have questions? We offer complimentary consultations for every service we offer. Reservations available online for your convenience at patinahairstudio.com

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I want long hair!

I want long hair!

We’ve all been there. We cut our long locks off and later decide we want our long hair back. So if we don’t cut it, it will get longer faster, right?? Not so fast! Regular cuts will actually help you to reach your length goals with healthy hair. But that doesn’t make sense, or does it? Let’s look at what happens when you don’t cut your hair.

We are rough on our hair. We are in the sun, we color it, brush it, heat style it, wash it too much, wash it too little, heap on the products and still expect it to look like silk! It really takes a beating. With all of the things we do to our hair, we cause dryness, heat damage and splitends. Quality shampoo and conditioners can help with the dryness. Proper heat protection and styling products can help reduce or eliminate heat damage.

But what about those splitends? There are no treatments or conditioners that will mend splitends! A haircut is the only solution. If splitends are allowed to hang around the hair shaft gets frayed. The frayed ends will continue to run up the hair shaft constantly until they are cut off above the damage.

The average growth is 1/2 inch a month, if you color your hair your can actually see how much it grows. If you are feeling like it is not “growing” it may be breaking off on the ends faster than it is growing from the scalp leaving you around the same length or shorter.

So if you want long hair, get a haircut at the intervals your stylist suggests. Just because it’s time for a haircut doesn’t mean you have to take off very much. The longer you delay having a cut the more you have to cut! If you still have questions about how often you need a cut we offer complimentary consultations. Reservations are available at patinahairstudio.com

Is it a haircut or a trim?

Is it a haircut or a trim?

Once and for all let’s just get on the same page and admit these are one in the same! No matter what you want to call it, we are still cutting all the hairs, it takes the same amount of time, uses the same techniques and they cost the same no matter what you call it.

Now the amount of hair to be taken off should be discussed before anyone picks up the scissors! Do you like the length and just want to clean up the ends before they split? That could be an inch or less determined by the stylist’s evaluation. If you like the style but want it lighter, more than an inch could be necessary.

Bring pictures if you are thinking of a completely different style. Pictures are very helpful for your stylist to see exactly what you are wanting (or trying to avoid). Also consider what the maintenance of your requests will be. Your stylist should be able to advise you based on your lifestyle and desired level of maintenance.

If you or your stylist are unsure, it may be a good idea to reschedule when you have made clear decisions about the request you will make of your stylist. Still unsure? We offer complimentary consultations for all hair cutting services. Reservations available online at patinahairstudio.com.

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Do I really NEED conditioner?

Do I really NEED conditioner?

We get this question all the time and the answer is, YES!!!

All hair textures need some type of conditioning.

Hair is made up of three layers ~ cortex, medulla and cuticle layers. Some textures have many thicker layers of cuticle (coarse) and some have only have a few very thin layers of cuticle (fine). When you shampoo hair the cuticle layers open. Conditioners will help to close the cuticle layers ensuring your hair has the shine, moisture, smoothness and manageability you desire.

If you skip the conditioner and the cuticle layers remain open, you will experience dryness and frizz. Coarse hair has more cuticle layers therefore may take something stronger to close the cuticle than a finer hair texture but they both need a conditioner!

There are numerous options to choose from so what should you look for in a shampoo or conditioner?

Typical shampoos and conditioners that are sold in retail stores mostly consist of cheap “coatings” to give you a false sense of shine and smoothness.

Look for professional brands that are sulfate and paraben free (such as KEVIN.MURPHY) to be sure you are doing what is best for your hair and scalp. These are usually sold only in professional salons.

An occasional detox shampoo is also a useful tool to prevent buildup that may lead to lifeless, limp hair.

With all the options available if you are still unsure Patina Hair Studio offers complimentary consultations to get you on the right path to the hair you’ve always wanted! Just schedule a 15 minute appointment on our website with any of our stylists to find the right option for your particular hair.

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